Combat Reconnaissance Patrol (Warsaw Pact)

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Actions of a Combat Recon Patrol (БРД)
A Combat Reconnaissance Patrol (German: "Gefechtsaufklärungstrupp" (GAT), Russian: "боевой разведвательный дозор" (БРД)) is a reconnaissance troop that is utilized immediately in front of the battle formation, when the immediate contact with the enemy has been lost.

Combat Reconnaissance Patrols are typically task organized in platoon-strength, optionally with attached engineers or other reinforcing elements and dispatched by the Battalion, sometimes the Company. The maximum distance from friendly forces can range from 1-10 km reconnaissance depth. The Reconnaissance Patrol acts especially on open flanks, gaps or immediately in front of the battle formation of the dispatching unit.

Tactical Symbol

The Tactical Symbol for a Combat Reconnaissance Patrol forms a circle with an arrow in the direction of reconnaissance, labelled with GAT/БРД, the dispatching unit and the time of the tasking.