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Radio Communications are all communications - or conveyance of information - carried out using any type or kind of radiotelephone that transmits signals through free space by electromagnetic waves with frequencies significantly below visible light, in the radio frequency range, from about 3 kHz to 300 GHz. Radio communications are the primary and in ArmA more or less the only operational means to communicate beyond the hearing range. The ACRE Addon enables ArmA in conjunction with TeamSpeak 3 to conduct radio communications with maximum realism, simulating the real-life functionality and limitations of the actual radios. The radios currently simulated by ACRE operate between 40 MHz and 2.4 GHz.


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Radiotelephones or Radios are the devices used to carry out radio communications. They range from handheld short-range "walkie-talkies", over mid-range back-pack radio racks, to vehicle-mounted or even stationary long-range radio arrays. ACRE mainly simulates man-carried Radios, with the capability to hook some of them up to a vehicle PA system, increasing output power and range. Every soldier should be familiar with at least the basic functions and characteristics of every Radio found in ACRE.

Radio Procedures

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Radio Procedures are the procedures regulating the structure and implementation of all radio transmissions. They are essential to keep military radio communications effective and target-oriented. The procedures utilize not only the Phonetic Alphabet to make communications as clear and accurate as possible, but also implement Radio Prowords that, together with syntactical and procedural standards, allow to forward as much information as possible and needed, with maximum precision and efficiency in the least amount of time.

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